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Blue to Cream Gradient
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We hope to offer students, recent graduates and young professionals with opportunities to develop their skills, grow their network, seek advice, and discuss the challenges and opportunities that they encounter in their line of work or in their efforts to secure a job, switch career, re-skill or up-skill to prepare themselves for the future of work.

These information-laden digital workshops focus on specific aspects of career development and aim to provide students and young professionals with pertinent skills, knowledge and experience required to stay in the forefront of present and future job markets. With the emergence of Covid-19 requiring us to keep socially-distant, our workshops present a formidable platform for students and young professionals to keep improving their capabilities.


Informational Workshops Topics 

Have a specific topic in mind? register your interests here to let us know!


Skill Development Workshops 

Skill-based workshops require participants to take a hands-on approach to immediately implement the skills they are learning. They are generally planned to accommodate a relatively small number of participants, encouraging individual attention to each attendee by a leader/facilitator. This form of learning is particularly appealing for students and young professional as it can be easily tailored to address varying needs. Mentors will not only share their experience and insight but also would run mock activities; skill exercises, and Q&A sessions to make learning interactive for participants (workshop curriculum may vary).


Informational Workshops 

Informational workshops bring together like-minded intellectuals and professionals to share their personal experiences and trade ideas, thoughts, and views related to a specific topic. These interactive workshops enable students and young professionals to gain insights on what they ought to do to build a rewarding career. Our workshops help bridge the knowledge/informational gap by sharing exclusive industry expectation. 

Blue to Cream Gradient

Up coming Workshops 

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