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Women, Tech, and Global Good - Meet the founders of Women in International Affairs Network

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Learn about the process and the purpose behind the creation of WIAN, and 🎧 tune in on some insights about their UPCOMING #virtualconferenceevent on July 3rd, 2021 (3pm-6.30pm BST) , 'WOMEN, TECH, and the GLOBAL GOOD', featuring speakers from IBM , Seidea CIC, #Deloitte and #UnitedNations.

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This podcast is a part of RE: Project's "Meet the Founders" interview with the founders of WIAN | The Women in International Affairs Network, Amandla Uzoka-Jarrett & Demiladé Falola-Apooyin.

About Amandla:

Balancing a career as a Freelance #Consultant and Social Entrepreneur, she is professionally experienced in business plan writing, pitch deck development, project management, and impact reporting.

About Demiladé:

As an international trade and development specialist with a background in law, diplomacy and human rights, her expertise are sustainability, corporate responsibility, ethical business, social rights and inclusion, with a keen interest in modern slavery and sustainable supply chains.

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Our mission is to re-think, re-skill, and re-imagine the future of work for those in social science-related fields, with a focus on International Affairs and Development. We believe that technological changes have radically altered the way we work by disrupting skills requirements, creating challenges for young social scientists who largely rely on soft skills. Therefore, those pursuing generalist or qualitative disciplines will have to re-skill in an oversaturated job market favoring STEM and tech.

However, most universities’ career services do not yet offer such robust training for students. At RE: Project, we seek to help millennials and Gen Zs not only find a job, but build dynamic, “future proof” careers. We offer an active platform that demystifies career possibilities, helps build professional networks, and supports re-skilling for a changing job market.

At our core, we seek to reduce growing unemployment among young social scientists in an increasingly technologised job market. Our cutting-edge content allows our community members to stay current and learn from experts at the forefront of their industry.

In the short-run, we offer tailored career support by creating curated real-life, authentic content generated by real people of the millennial generation working the industries. Practitioners with 4–7 years of experience can offer as many insights (or more!) as 50-year-old CEOs and Directors about how to break into the industry.

This way, young job seekers can interact with mentors using social media live (visit our Linkedin page, Instagram coming soon), and blog posts.

User-generated blog posts, interviews, and tips will also be very welcome.

In the long run, the ultimate goal of this platform is to grow into the forefront community for the Future of Work for social scientists.

You can also get involved with our work as a mentor, a community ambassador right on organizational capacity. Find out more here

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