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Navigating Uncertainty With Lessons From Previous Crises

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

EP.1 Navigating Uncertainty With Lessons From Previous Crises

Featuring Mario Ferro, Co-Founder and CEO of Wedu and Tedd George, Founder and CNO of Kleos Advisory

With COVID19, the uncertainty of the future, economy, and jobs might make many us of feel anxious, but crises have occurred through history, and the best way we can cope is to stay strong and stay connected. 🤝

We are very excited to debut the very first episode of The RE: Project, Career Building in Times of COVID19 series!! In this series, we’ll be interviewing guests, who have coped with past crises, for their experience and career development advice to the RE:Project community during COVID19.


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Why should you join the RE: Project Community?

One main reason behind the high unemployment rate among recent grads is the gap between the structured academic training and the “messiness” of the real-world career market. This is especially true for International Development students, on average with 0–3 years of experience, that look for impact-driven work. However, the development sector requires significant work experience, specialization, and networking to break into — none of which academic training alone can adequately offer.

The RE:Project is a community of re-skilling and career support for millennial and Gen Z social scientists, born with the idea that millennials and Gen-Zers can help one another out for today’s job market.

In the short-run, we offer tailored career support by creating curated real-life, authentic content generated by real people of the millennial generation working the industries. Practitioners with 4–7 years of experience can offer as many insights (or more!) as 50-year-old CEOs and Directors about how to break into the industry.

This way, young job seekers can interact with mentors using social media live (visit our Linkedin page, Instagram coming soon), and blog posts.

User-generated blog posts, interviews, and tips will also be very welcome.

In the long run, the ultimate goal of this platform is to grow into the forefront community for the Future of Work for social scientists.


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