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Here to Inspire - Give Back and Pass Your Wisdom Forward by Becoming a RE:Project Mentor!

Do you remember the struggles you faced while finding your first job after graduating? Do you remember the overwhelming feeling of self-doubt you faced when receiving a rejection email for a dream role?

Looking back on those days, what advice would you give your younger self?

What if you could help current students, graduates, and early-career professionals manage their careers, avoiding the same anxiety and stress you faced?

If you would like to give back and pass your wisdom forward, you would be a perfect fit as a RE:Project Mentor!!

About us:

The RE:Project is a leading career-building platform and mentorship community for globally-minded students and young professionals working in international affairs, development, and other social science-related fields.

Join our community of amazing #mentors to help reduce the informational barriers around international development, humanitarian aid, and other social science-related fields.

The RE:Project has a heavy focus on diversity, inclusion and intersectionality to bring visibility to issues that have a critical impact on one’s professional development but are traditionally overlooked. Another key focus of the RE:project is exploring alternative career paths in other fields.

The RE:Project also prides ourselves on our cutting edge approach in adapting and adjusting to the changing work culture around the globe. Through our professional skill development and industry insights workshops, we help professionals stay at the forefront of on-demand professional skills, as well as understand the changing landscape of their industry.

If you resonate with our mission and vision, get involved and become a RE:Project mentor today!

Ways to get involved include:

1. Joining us for a video or podcast interview to share your experience and offer industry expertise;

2. Leading short digital workshops focusing on specific aspects of career development;

3. Participating in networking events;

4. Mentoring students/young professionals in one-on-one sessions.

Fill out our mentor application here and visit The RE: Project website for more information about our mission!

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