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Tips on how to set foot into Development Finance from the private sector with Dezhi Yu DAI

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

RE:Project Career Advice Series 【EP.3】with Dezhi Yu DAI

In this episode, we talk about how Dezhi Yu broke into the international development consulting career, as a recent graduate of a Chinese national. Dezhi joined the corporate strategy team at DAI in 2018, building corporate ventures and examining M&A opportunities that align with the Company's mission and create value for humanity. Dezhi's team is now known as DAI Capital, a new investment management arm dedicated to mobilising capital into frontier markets. Previously he was part of Morgan Stanley's Global Capital Markets teams in the Silicon Valley and London, where he executed 10+ transactions (e.g. IPOs, primary and secondary blocks) totalling $10Bn across regions and sectors.

Skip ahead to:

[00:18] Dezhi’s work at DAI

[02:04] Dezhi’s story of career transition

[03:29] Dezhi’s advice on how to get into development consulting

[03:53] Dezhi’s tips for set food in international development for Chinese national

[04:45] Dezhi’s take on work visa regulation

[05:46] Deazhi’s final advice

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