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Ground Zero? How to Build a Career in International Development with Tedd George

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

✅If you are a student hoping to work globally after graduation

✅If you are a recent grad still looking for meaningful employment

✅if you are a young professional looking to build a sustainable and successful career in international development


We are giving out an special episode of the RE:Project story series featuring featuring a senior level inspiration Tedd George. Tedd’s advice will be the best advice you ever received for launching and building a career in development! If you are a 20-something kicking off your career in international development this video is A MUST WATCH!

In this episode, Tedd George, Founder and CEO of Kleos Advisory with 20+ years of experience in international development, emerging markets and digital technology, will share his tips about how to kick off a career in international development. Tedd George is the founder and Chief Narrative Office of Kleos Advisory. Kleos provides advisory on African markets, soft commodities, trade finance and disruptive technology. Tedd advises on a number of fintech & agritech projects in Africa and is a regular speaker on the conference circuit and commentator in the media (see @DrTeddGeorge for details). Tedd has a number of specialities, including disruptive technology (Fintech, blockchain, agritech & regtech), soft commodities (especially cocoa), agribusiness, trade and trade finance.


[00:28] Tedd’s career path and 3 most important things that brought him here

[03:02] Tedd’s advice for recent graduate students who aspire to work globally

[05:21] Tedd’s suggestions on essential career building skills to develop

[07:24] Tedd’s tips on breaking into the development industry with little to no experience [09:55] Tedd’s take on difference between when he started his career and now

[11:19] Tedd’s overview on Startup/innovation space in Africa - What’s going on there? [13:09] Tedd introducing his own company – Kleos Advisory

[13:54] Tedd’s final elevator advice

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