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         The RE: Project is a career-building platform and mentorship community for globally-minded students and young professionals working in international affairs, development, and other social science related fields to better prepare them for the future of work.

       The RE: Project’s cutting-edge content allows our community members to stay current and learn from experts at the forefront of their industry. The RE: Project’s content is engaging, original, and covers nearly all aspects of professional development.

       The RE: Project offers mentor-led skill workshops with interactive activities, skills exercises, and Q&A sessions that aim to help workshop participants build skills necessary for long-term professional success.

       At the core, The RE: Project seeks to reduce growing unemployment among
young social scientists in an increasingly technologized job market. Through our engaging content and practical workshops, we help millennials and Gen Zs no only find jobs but build dynamic and “future-proof” careers.

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